Installing, Uninstalling And Managing CageFS

To install CageFS:

yum install cagefs
/usr/sbin/cagefsctl –init

Uninstall cagefs:-

To uninstall CageFS, start by disabling & removing all directories

$ /usr/sbin/cagefsctl –remove-all

Remove CageFS RPM:

$ yum remove cagefs

4. Managing Users in cagefs

To start using CageFS you have to select one of the mode of operations.

$ /usr/sbin/cagefsctl –enable-all

$ /usr/sbin/cagefsctl –disable-all

To enable individual user do:

$ /usr/sbin/cagefsctl –enable [username]

To disable individual user:

$ /usr/sbin/cagefsctl –disable [username]

To list all enabled users:

$ /usr/sbin/cagefsctl –list-enabled

To list all disabled users

$ /usr/sbin/cagefsctl –list-disabled

To see current mode of operation:

$ /usr/sbin/cagefsctl –display-user-mode

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