It’s a communication interface, which has been created particularly for the SSDs (Solid State Drives) by a group of SSD manufacturers. NVMe is an optimized, scalable, and high-performance host controller interface with a proficient register interface and command set built to access the SSDs attached via the PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) bus. Since the PCIe bus supports thousands of parallel command queues, it’s much faster compared to hard disks and conventional all-flash architectures that deal with a solitary command queue. To put it more simply, NVMe drives allow the SSDs to communicate over the PCIe connector to expand their capabilities.

Instant Deployed NVME Dedicated Server


Dual Xeon E5-2640V3 2.60 GHz 8C 16T
1 GBPS Speed
100 TB Bandwidth
5 IP Addresses
10 Gbps DDoS Protection
100% Network Uptime Guarantee
MailChannels Email Security


Dual Xeon E5-2640V3 2.60 GHz 8C 16T
1 GBPS Speed
100 TB Bandwidth
5 IP Addresses
10 Gbps DDoS Protection
100% Network Uptime Guarantee
MailChannels Email Security

NVME 128
$149.99/M Limited Offer Price

AMD Ryzen 3950X 3.5 Ghz X 32 16 Core
2 TB NMVE SSD (Primary)
2 TB NMVE SSD (Second)
1 Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth
1 IP Addresses
10 Gbps DDoS Protection
100% Network Uptime Guarantee

NVME 256
$269.99/M Out Of Stock

Dual XeonE5-2640V3 2.60 GHz 8C 16T
1 GBPS Speed
100 TB Bandwidth
5 IP Addresses
10 Gbps DDoS Protection
100% Network Uptime Guarantee
MailChannels Email Security

Benefits of NVMe Dedicated Server

✅ 24/7 Management Service:

Our 24/7 management service will take the pressure off your in-house IT team by handling your servers’ daily operations and management tasks. As a provider of managed customized hosting services, we will manage your software, hardware, server backups, and security, thus letting your servers work optimally so that you can focus better on your core business matters. Even your in-house IT team will have more time on its hands as it’ll never need to worry again about handling the essential tasks related to your server maintenance and management.


✅ 100% Uptime Assurance:

As we use tier 4 data centers to host our servers, we give you a 100% uptime assurance. This means you can handle your demanding and heavy workloads and host your vital applications on our customized servers without any hitch. We also track the network performance constantly to decrease latency and boost our servers’ performance, which facilitates the smooth operations of your business.

✅ Unlimited Bandwidth:

With our unlimited bandwidth, we facilitate unlimited space along with unlimited speed for data transfer. Thus, you can download or upload as much data as you desire. You’ll also enjoy seamless data transmission from your website to your target users. When you get unlimited bandwidth, your website and web apps will remain available 24X7, which will boost their online visibility, thus bringing huge traffic your way. And the best part of it all? We never keep tabs on how much bandwidth you’re using. 

Applications of NVMe Dedicated Server

✅ Website Performance:

By facilitating a considerable increase in read/write performance, an NVMe dedicated server increases the input/output operations per second (IOPS). In other words, it improves the number of read/write operations per second, which helps decrease your website’s response time significantly

✅ Database:

You can optimize your database access and speed by implementing a caching system on NVMes that play host to vital databases. You can simply migrate your databases to our hosting infrastructure with NVMe to speed them up.

✅ Big Data:

If you deal with demanding Big Data workloads (including a real-time display of cybersecurity threats, online advertising, etc.), you can benefit significantly from the NVMe disk’s lightning-fast response times.

✅ HPC:

We make available Intel DC P3700 disks on customizable, premium HG/FS MAX servers, which you can use to bring down the computing time of demanding write needs.

Why choose an Elite NVMe dedicated server?

If you need to climb to the next step in your dedicated server performance to handle heavy workloads, this will be a smart choice. While you can enjoy an enhanced bandwidth with the NVMe interface, opting for an Elite Server Management’s NVMe dedicated server will ensure you also get the next-generation performance.



Working principle

Read/write speed


They’re 35X and 7X faster than HDDs and SATA SSDs, respectively

Designed for accessing high-speed storage media, NVMe’s interface is defined to competently support the needs of client and enterprise systems utilizing PCIe SSDs

The generation 3 NVMe drives deliver read/write speed as high as 3500 MB/s, while generation 4 versions go further to deliver 5000 MB/s


They’re 4X to 5X faster than conventional HDDs

The optimum capacity of SATA SSD II hard drive is 300 MB/s, while contemporary SATA SSD III hard drives offer a read/write speed of 600 MB/s. With a 700 RPM SATA drive.

Have no moving parts and hence, don’t undergo any wear and tear, which is why their performance is better than conventional HDDs


They’re the slowest of the lot

Uses magnetic storage to stock up and retrieve digital information by utilizing one or more rapidly rotating rigid disks coated with magnetic material

A SATA III HDD at 5,400 RPM will deliver a read/write speed of almost 100 MB/s, while a 7,200 RPM drive will give almost 150 MB/s


What is NVMe server?

This refers to a server that uses NVMe SSD drives. By enabling quick-swap support for NVMe SSD drive, such a server facilitates the hassle-free extension of storage capacity by adding SSDs, replacing existing SSDs with units having a higher capacity, or replacing the failed drives, while the server system is operational. In addition, the quick-swap feature protects against accidental device failures, surprise removals, or operator slip-ups. The use of such drives bring several benefits, such as

  • Throughput gains – as significant as 6x SATA or SAS
  • Significant (7x) latency improvements
  • Enhanced flexibility to choose the drive due to shared common backplane
  • Improved power efficiency and serviceability

Is NVMe good for server?

Yes. NVMe drives have fewer server bottlenecks than HDDs and SATA SSDs. Additionally, they deliver better computer performance and overall server performance. As a result, servers with NVMe drives offer an improved user experience with faster access to data, web pages, and web apps. If you run your servers on standard storage cards and discs, you may experience bottlenecks when handling a large number of requests and user connections. This will cause sluggish speeds and slower access to data, thus delivering a poor user experience and driving your customers away. With servers that use NVMe drives, you can avoid such poor performance and resultant business losses.

Is NVMe SSD better than SATA SSD?

Yes. Since the ATA interface constrictions don’t affect NVMe as it sits atop the PCIe directly linked to the CPU, it delivers 4X faster IOPS, which rivals the best SAS options.

Is NVMe a SSD or HDD?

NVMe is a form of SSD that’s attached to a PCIe slot on a main board. These high-speed slots were initially designed for graphics cards. Speeds you can reach on NVMe drives stand at an interface rate of 32 GB/s having a 3.9 GB/s throughput. When you’re handling a heavy workload, such as high-resolution video editing or gaming that needs loads of disk throughput, such a high speed can be extremely useful. However, despite their speed, NVMes have some drawbacks. For one, they’re costly and available just on desktop PCs. Second, though you can use them as secondary drives, you’ll want to install your OS on it to leverage its optimal potential. But right now, booting from NVMe isn’t supported by most BIOS.

What is an NVMe used for?

Businesses where every microsecond can make a huge difference are already using NVMes. For instance, in the domains of e-commerce, finance, and software sales, where real-time customer interactions can make or break deals, NVMes are heavily used. Businesses needing to store huge amounts of data like those working with Big Data, advanced analytics apps, or functioning in the domains of AI (Artificial intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning (ML) also leverage the power of NVMes. Another use case is DevOps, where NVMes can let you run a larger number of iterations in less time. Applications with enormous queue depths for storage I/O, such as databases and some web operations, as well as heavy workloads like graphics editing can also benefit from using NVMes.

Who Should Buy NVMe Dedicated Server Hosting?

Multiple businesses and industries that need to handle huge workloads with lightning-fast speed opt for NVMe dedicated server hosting. The financial sector, e-commerce, AI and ML, Big Data, DevOps, and advanced analytics software are fields that require servers with NVMe storage.

Can I Customize NVMe Dedicated Server As Per My Requirements?

Yes, you surely can!

By using our customization options on offer for your NVMe dedicated server, you can get the configuration that best suits your web application, website, or software. You can even choose our self-managed NVMe Server if you wish to have one.

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