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monitoringfinalWhen talking about server monitoring, we often refer to it as a compilation of hardware and software. The main purpose is to keep track of a server’s health and activity. Detecting any outages, slow components or broken parts is the duty of this system. The faster the recognition of the problem, the better. CPU usage, network performance level and used disk space are just a couple of the things monitored by this system. The whole process falls under a number of categories such as: Firewall monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, router monitoring, switch monitoring, NetFlow monitoring and packet sniffing, network and VoIP monitoring.

Why It is Important to Monitor Your Server?

You cannot, by no means, leave a new server unsupervised. Without knowing, at all times, about the state of your server, it can crash in no time without you even knowing about it. Keeping a close-eye on the servers running status will ensure it a long healthy life with minimum issues during its life span. It is better to be safe than sorry in the long-run. Not keeping track of your server’s health can really hurt your business as well. Having a constant knowledge about your server is crucial in problem solving. In the case of any technical issue, knowing what and where it failed will improve the recovery speed. You will not be able to tell if the network is faulty or if the server has failed without closely monitoring it. A safe approach is bound to meet your business requirements, keep your system healthy and preventing it from crashing or going down completely.

We Help You

The supervision and keeping track sounds like hard and demanding work indeed. However, here is the good part – here at eLite Server Management, we take the matters in our own hands and maintain the server for you!

There is no need for you ever to be worried about the status of your server. With the aid of our professionals, we seek to keep your server running and your business flourish along the way. We are trained in keeping, detecting and resolving server issues no matter the time, place or difficulty of it. With our eager team working day in and day out, your server will no longer have to suffer any long-lasting technicalities. Keeping a close eye on the quality of the service and offering solutions are our main incentives.

With this in mind, you can keep focusing on making your business flourish while we do the rest! We know that time is of the essence. That is why at eLite Server Management we try to resolve any kind of server issue as fast as possible. Every problem encountered becomes our top priority from the second we notice it. With a full competent team, we can make any issue go away in no time.