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Introduction to PSM

Proactive server management requires monitoring and securing of critical servers by a certified 24/7 expert team. This kind of support is given the highest level of priority and the service is backed by experienced system administrators. Our company provides the best and premium proactive server management and monitoring services for clients all over the world. Our technical teams have experience in Linux and Windows server management for many years. And you can expect nothing but the best and prompt response from our highly-trained engineers, who are available for backend support 24/7 over mail.

Importance of PSM

Server management is of paramount importance to businesses and we understand that managing your own servers requires both time and money. The servers must be managed and upgraded effectively for fast service to business users throughout the world. You will need a full-time IT staff, who are trained in changing technology and a lot of capital investment for proactive server management. Instead, you can invest in one of our premium plans so that you can continue your business with peace of mind and leave the proactive server management to our team of experts. These plans provide access to our 24/7 server team who will monitor, upgrade and secure your servers so that you don’t face outage at all.


Our team makes sure that your server is compliant with the industry standards at all times. This will help you conduct e-commerce, banking transactions, and other sensitive work on your server with high security. We ensure that your servers are not outdated in terms of security.

Server Optimization and Migration

Our experienced team members will help in optimizing your server so that you get the best performance as intended. We also provide full assistance in moving data and configurations, one server to another. For this, you should have root access and cPanel running on both the old server and the new server. Our team will make sure that the migration process is seamless.

Backup configuration / monitoring

Timely backup of your website files, databases, and other important data is very important. Our team provides you with the best solution for making routine backups of all essential data securely. Our team will configure and restore backups so that you never lose any important business data. A full system restores from your backups is also possible within a short period of time. We also help in rebuilding your server from scratch, in case of any crashes or hacks.

In the case of a server outage, we will help you to reboot it or even notify your business’s data for a reboot request. Any outage will be reported via email and/or by phone by our customer service within 15 to 60 minutes based on your plan.

24×7 solving emergency issues

Our proactive server support team provides alerts 24/7 and helps in fixing the issues completely by finding the root cause. Our technical team scrutinizes every alert from your server and resolve the issue in the shortest time possible. If a support ticket is logged, we will respond in less than 1 hour. This way, we can be proactive in case any issue occurs and you do not lose out on the business front. The best part is that we do not charge extra or have any hidden fees in case of any untimely support request.

OS updates and patches

Servers must be updated and patched from time to time to ensure optimal performance and security. So, we will help you install and configure new software on your servers. Our team has expertise in the installation and configuration of various Operating systems, Kernel, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl, Exim, FTP, WHM/cPanel, SSL Certificates, CloudLinux, MultiPHP, CloudFlare Proxy/CDN, to name a few. Our experts will help you prepare your server from scratch if required. We also provide assistance in system, software and kernel updates.

Regular security scans

Our team makes sure that your servers are scanned thoroughly every day for any kind of malware. The process is automated, and the alerts generated are viewed by our team immediately. We also install and configure antispam blockers so that there are negligible chances of hacking or phishing. Our tools help in detecting suspicious files and activities in the server so that they are scrutinized and quarantined immediately.

Our security package includes Malware or Virus scan, Rootkit scanning tool, securing and upgrading of SSH Server, CSF Firewall configuration, Anti-DoS configuration, Brute Force Detection, System Integrity Monitoring, Securing and Optimization of Apache (HTTP), Removal of unused software, apart from other aspects.

Log Analysis & Debugging

Our technical team monitoring logs in real-time and receive event reports by email on a daily basis. This helps in finding the root cause of server issue and reduces the time required to resolve most tickets. Emergency requests or high severity tickets are prioritized and resolved faster. Our certified support team has long term experience in handling even complex servers related issues. This ensures that your server has maximum stability, security and uptime 24/7.

Log & Event Monitoring

Our team monitors all server events by collecting and analyzing log data and other server system parameters. We use cutting edge tools to monitor events which help save time as there are automatic alerts for important log files. The tools help improve network performance by finding a network and application issues before any downtime’s or data loss happens. The analysis of historical data for your servers helps in understanding the performance and resource consumption, which helps in taking long term decisions. It also helps with scalability as proactive server management helps in monitoring server performance, network traffic, disk space utilization, running programs etc. We also conduct timely audits as a part of proactive server management every month which includes server audit, monitoring event logs, patching activities, security audits and much more. And all these services are provided over the weekend as well at no extra cost. So, all these factors make us one of the best services for proactive server management.