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eLite Server Management provides the best managed AWS services that allows you easily manage your AWS infrastructure easily and thus largely reducing risks and operational overheads. With the help of our complete managed AWS services, you can easily monitor the performance of your AWS applications along with easily automating all your day to day tasks like patch updates, change requests, backups and security. The AWS services we offer is a full-lifecycle service that can help you provision, manage and run your AWS infrastructure much more comfortably and quickly than before.

With the controls provided, as a server administrator you can implement all your security and corporate infrastructure policies easily. Our manged AWS services will not only provide you with the complete control of the infrastructure but also largely helps in improving the agility along with reducing the costs removing the daily burdens from managing the daily infrastructure operations. Hence, you can direct the existing resources towards various other purposes.

It is your applications and the products that makes your business earn money, but the cost involved in tracking and monitoring the performance and security within the AWS infrastructure can be a daunting effort. This is where eLite Server Management managed AWS services comes to your rescue as we don’t focus on the whole infrastructure alone, but focus on each and every individual application.


Why Choose our Managed AWS Services?


Your Able Partner

Large scale cloud infrastructure is coming to its climax and corporate across the world are looking for able partners who can help them manage their AWS infrastructure. While there are many companies offering AWS solutions, not every solution is works all the time. With eLite Server Management, our AWS solution is pre-designed, but custom designed and architecture based on your requirements, your existing AWS infrastructure and your future goals.

Total Control

Since our services are custom-designed based on your requirements, you can still have control over some important in-house responsibilities and just provide the rest with us. You can always change your managed services portfolio anytime you need by adding or removing any services you want. Our 24/7 customer support team is all ears to your queries and will help you guide you through the right process. Our main objective is to remove the burden from your head and allow you use your resources effectively innovating other business products, while we take complete control of the AWS infrastructure.

How it Works?

It all starts with an evaluation meeting where the requirements are discussed to plan a clear roadmap to implement our services effectively.

Evaluation Meeting

Our team of highly-skilled AWS technology experts will meet you to understand about the existing infrastructure and along with your other requirements and your future goals to come up with a suitable plan.

Planning & Roadmap

Once we are clear with our requirements, we sit down and chalk out a customized solution that is completely tailored to your requirements and also your budget.

Execute & Monitor

Once the plan is successfully implemented, we go to the next phase of our managed AWS services, where we ensure all your applications are continuously monitored 24×7 and provide regular reports.