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Data Centers And Hardware

Data Centers And Hardware

Our data centers are constantly pulling back good figures – proving time and time again that they’re high quality and worth the cost. Regardless of where you’re based, we’re able to provide you with a quick, consistent speed at any time of the day.

Security is also a big deal for us – all our data centers are protected and secured, meaning that not only are you getting the best speeds we can provide, but you’re getting the knowledge that your information is entirely safe in our hands and that it won’t be falling into the wrong hands or become at risk.

We’re always working to provide the best experience for our customers and that means keeping our data centres up to speed too, and making sure we’re offering something better than our competitors, so you can rest assured that what we offer is the very best that we can. With multiple locations spread out to ensure that you’re always placed with the nearest one, you don’t need to worry about your uplink time or traffic choking your server at peak hours. Leave it to us, and we’ll make sure you’re running just right.


All of our hardware is up to date, providing you with the latest and greatest that we can for such low prices. All hardware that we use has been inspected by our company officials, placed through stress tests and has satisfied the experts. You’ll only have access to the parts that we know and trust – never anything less.

You’ll get the fastest times with up to date, new storage devices, ensuring that you can access your files and information literally at the click of a button without having to deal with loading and rendering times that older models can provide, and you’ll never have to worry about lag or burn outs with up to date, new processing power taking the helm of your server.

Our hardware is all well-known brands, meaning that you can do your research too if you want to check you’re getting the best, with some of the brands at our fingertips being AMD and Intel – you know you’re getting quality for a fair price. We’ll ensure that you’re getting the absolute most that you can for as little as possible.

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