How Are eLite Servers Managed?

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Depending on your need depends on how they’re managed! If you have knowledge and want some hands on time with the server, it’s fully rootable and kitted out with administrative software so that you can get involved and have a say. Our fully dedicated managed servers however take care of everything so that you don’t have to.

We have experts who will be assigned to your dedicated managed server to ensure that you’re running smoothly and they’ll work with you to configure the server as you need it and make sure that you’re happy

with all the changes that are being made. You’ll have full access to support whenever you need it. Elite Servers work with the customer to ensure complete satisfaction. You are paying for the product, you get the final say. Our team will take care of your needs and ensure that we’re implementing all of your changes for you when you need it.

Our teams will take care of everything from maintenance to general running of the server, so that you can concentrate on building up your company and your name, without having a server nagging away at the back of your mind at all times of the day.

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