Low cost Windows Dedicated Servers

Running your website in a shared server and your website is starting to receive much higher traffic than before, then it’s time to move and think about provide a dedicated server to your website. eLite Server Management high quality dedicated that offers unmatched performance with superior levels of security that will help you take your business to the next level. The advantage of having a dedicated Windows Server means that you have complete control over the server with root-level access. Since the server is dedicated only for your website, you can perform the needed customization of the server at any time.

Why Choose our Windows Dedicated Servers?

You also avail some irresistible features along with our Windows Dedicated Servers as listed below:

Root Level Access

Since the server is completely dedicated only for your website, you have complete control over the server with root level control, so you can customize it completely according to your website requirements.

Huge Bandwidth

When you host your website in a shared server, it means you are sharing the bandwidth with other websites hosted in the server. But a dedicated server means you enjoy the complete bandwidth and hence your website can host heavy multimedia content like big video files, audio and data files without compromising on the speed of your website.

Seamless Migration

If you are looking to scale your website, eLite Server Management offers a seamless transfer of your website to another dedicated server without needing to re-install anything.

Speedy Activation

When you choose our Windows Dedicated Servers for hosting your website, expect speedy activation within a maximum timeframe of 48 hours, but in most cases the activation time range from 6-8 hours’ time only.

Complete Customization

You own the server completely and hence you have been provided with all the rights to configure the hardware and software according to your liking.Hassle-Free Replacement of Hardware at the quickest time possible.

Total Reliability

Since the server is dedicated only for your business, you have total reliability with the server.

Easy & Quick Upgrades

Looking to upgrade your server to manage the sudden surge in the visitor traffic, we’re always there to help you in providing quick and easy upgrades on storage, RAM upgrades or Processor upgrades.

High-Level Security

Security is of the utmost concern and we’ve ensured that all your critical data is well-protected in a safe and secure server that is installed with the best in class anti-virus software and powerful firewall security.

Excellent Technical Support

Our tech support team is available 24X7 and we can guarantee that all your queries and issues will be taken care immediately.

Plesk Control Panel

Easily manage all aspects of your Windows dedicated server using our Plesk control pane

Robust Infrastructure

With eLite Server Management you can always expect power-packed performance along with unparalleled reliability and support. Our servers come with advanced data loss protection technology to protect your data at all time.

Free With Servers

In addition to high-quality dedicated Windows servers housed in a robust infrastructure wit 99% guaranteed uptime, you also stand to gain some additional features that you can’t expect from other hosting providers.

  • Plesk Control Panel

With Plesk, you can easily manage all aspects of your Windows server right from files, applications or all emails hosted on your server.

  • Windows OS 8 and Windows Server 2012

All our Windows dedicated servers comes with either Windows 8 OS or Windows Server 2012 housed in an ultra-fast and reliable network infrastructure.

  • Fully Managed

All our services fully managed meaning that you don’t need to fret over setting up the server or the OS as the people at eLite Server Management will take care of all data transfers, security and management of all the pre-installed software in your servers. Fully managed system is a boon for companies who have limited technical knowledge in managing web servers or who could not put the time and effort in it.

  • 24/7 Support

One of the main advantages of eLite Server Management when compared to other hosting companies is that we continuously focus on personal customer service.

Advantages of Plesk Control Panel

Our Windows Dedicated Servers provides you with complete control of the servers using the ultimate Plesk control Panel which allows the server administrator with lots of tools and utilities to manage your web server. Some of the advantages of Plesk Control Panel are:

  • Provides ultimate statistical reports
  • Comes with wide-range of easy to graphic interface options to manage your server
  • Helps you to schedule tasks easily with your server
  • Configure and manage email accounts easily and quickly
  • Take backups at any point of time
  • Provides useful third party tools and components
  • Completely automate all server related tasks
  • Scale your applications easily