Odoo (formerly known as OpenERP) is a fully integrated open-source suite of business applications that include project management, CRM, sales, inventory, financial management, and many more. With a huge number of installations/downloads per day, it has become one of the most sought-after open-source solutions preferred by businesses of all budgets and sizes. With the help of its massive collection of modules, users are able to automate time-consuming manual processes while enjoying an integrated experience. The major advantages of using Odoo over other enterprise solutions include huge cost-savings, customization ability, and ease of deployment. You can easily start with a couple of modules and keep on adding more later according to your requirements while enjoying the integrated environment.

CPU Processor CPU Core RAM   SSD Disk Bandwidth Price Month  
Odoo Basic 1 2 GB 50 GB 1 TB $ 9.90 ORDER NOW
Odoo Plus 1 4 GB 80 GB 2 TB $ 19.90 ORDER NOW
Odoo Standard 2 6 GB 120GB 3 TB $ 29.90 ORDER NOW
Odoo Professional 3 8 GB 300 GB 4 TB $39.90 ORDER NOW


 Odoo Hosting Features

Odoo, being a resource-heavy software suite, cannot be operated in a shared hosting environment. Take a look at these key Odoo hosting features that would help you find a reliable web host.

  • Server requirements: Depending on the size of your company and the volume of data, apps, and users who use Odoo, you should choose the number of CPU cores, RAM along with storage and bandwidth requirements.
  • Enterprise-grade SSD storage: Many web hosts use enterprise-grade SSDs to ensure you get to enjoy better performance of the Odoo suite.
  • Installation: Most managed Odoo hosting providers offer free Odoo installation and deployment. It’d be highly useful if you aren’t a system administrator or an advanced Linux user.
  • Full backup: Making any changes to the Odoo deployment directly change or update your database. So, it’s extremely important to keep backups of your database all the time. Depending on the frequency of the deployments, choose the frequency for backups.
  • Updates: Most Odoo web hosts offer this feature to ensure that you are running Odoo’s latest version with new features, updates, and security patches.
  • Fully managed support: This essential feature would ensure that you’ll get all types of assistance whenever there’s an issue with your Odoo deployment.

Some other common features that are generally offered by Odoo hosting providers include multi-database configuration, free website migration, uptime guarantee, etc.