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Top Features Of Our Affiliate Program

The Elite Server Management affiliate program is one of the highest paying and most attractive affiliate programs you can join today. Join thousands of satisfied affiliates and start promoting the products of the leading web hosting company. By joining the Elite Server Management affiliate program, you will be promoting a top web hosting service provider and spreading our message to make the environment better and greener.

No matter what you need to become a successful affiliate, we have got you covered. Some of the key highlights of our affiliate program include:

  • ✅ Absolutely free to join
  • ✅ Complete support from a dedicated team that comes with decades of industry experience
  • ✅ Real-time tracking to monitor your affiliate statistics
  • ✅ Greater opportunity to achieve high conversion rates that leads to more income
  • ✅ Earning money can’t get simpler than with our affiliate program
  • ✅ And much more!

Testimonials From our Affiliate

ESM has been showing utmost transparency in distributing the commissions of the sales of their services. As they have garnered huge popularity in the industry and offer some of the best plans in the industry, selling ESM’s services is absolutely easy.
I have been using ESM affiliate program for nearly four years and have recommended their products to more than 200 clients till now. Each of the clients is fully satisfied with their industry-leading services, top-notch expertise, and outstanding 24/7 customer support.
I want to thank the whole team of ESM for the support they’ve been giving to all the clients I brought to them. None of them has ever received a suggestion to generate a ticket whenever they faced anissue. Instead, the team fixes it proactively as soon as possible.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing refers to a form of performance-based marketing. Here, when a third-party partner provides an advertiser with a particular result, the partner receives a commission. The revenue-sharing model is the fundamental concept of affiliate marketing. When a business wants to increase the sales of its products, it implements an affiliate program wherein it shares the revenues earned from additional sales with the promoters. Affiliate marketers don’t need to have their own products. Instead, they can earn a good income just by promoting their favorite products offered by another company or individual.

How Can I Earn Money with ESM?

You only need to join the ESM Affiliate Program and help us promote our products that have already garnered massive popularity across the world. When a user clicks on the referral link placed on your site and purchases one of our hosting packages, you get a decent commission. This means the more customers we get from you, the more you get to earn. And if you consistently perform well, it might give rise to your commission.

Does ESM Offer a Reseller Program?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a reseller program at the moment. However, you can join the ESM Affiliate Program to earn money by increasing the sales of our hosting packages.

Can I Promote ESM in Social Media?

Absolutely! A massive number of prospective users are present on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Just reach out to them and promote our unique deals to them. Remember to use hashtags to help your promotion get additional exposure.

Can I Promote ESM Utilizing Email Marketing Techniques?

Of course! Email marketing is one of the proven, most effective strategies to attract customers who aren’t commonly present on social media platforms. Remember to craft catchy subject lines and creative body content. When you use the right words, it becomes easier to communicate a deal effectively and increase your chances of conversions.

Are There Any Promotional Materials That I Can Use To Promote ESM?

We have a large collection of different types of promotional materials, including ads and banners, to help our affiliates succeed. You can access all of them using your Affiliate Dashboard.

Can I Share My Personal Screenshots of ESM?

We will send you the latest screenshots that you can share with your prospective customers to help them get the most accurate information regarding our products. You only need to visit our “Affiliate Assets” section to check out and download them.

What Is the Duration of an Affiliate Cookie?

The duration of affiliate cookies is thirty days. Note that if there’s a cookie from an earlier affiliate is already present on the browser of the same user, the new cookie will overwrite it. ESM cannot be in any way held responsible if the users intentionally delete the cookies placed on their browsers.

What Is the Outcome When the Customer Cancels the Plan?

ESM has a thirty-day money-back guarantee. The customers may cancel their plans during this trial period. However, we will cancel the commission if a customer cancels their membership during this trial period.