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If you are looking to enhance your backup services or not much confident with the in-house team to provide complete backup for all your critical data out there, then you can definitely rely on us to deliver reliable and trusted backup solutions for your business. We do hope that you never come to a situation where you are dependent on your backup, but things can happen. And during that times, your backup data looks like the most important thing in world. Hence, it is imperative for every company to have a sound plan for its backup services. Even if you don’t, not a problem as we can provide you with customized backup solutions that can work across all kind of environments and servers.

Why Choose eLite Server Management  for your Backup Services?

When it comes to backing up your data, you need to spend a fortune but just need a clear plan and hardware to take care of it. Many companies invest a lot of money and resources for backup not knowing that it can be done at reasonable prices. And with eLite Server Management , we provide backup services at much lower prices when compared to other competitors in the market.

When you entrust us with the backup service, you can stop worrying about backups anymore as you can feel that the task is in safe hands. Having been in the business for a long time and provided many kinds of backup services to small, medium and large corporate clients, our team of experienced and skilled professionals can provide with a customized backup solution that suits your requirements. Your data backup will be made completely automated and will be checked by our team every day to look for anomalies and if there is any, immediately our team will be sent to work and resolve the issue as quick as possible.

We can provide various backup solutions like traditional backup, cloud backup, on-site back-up, off-site backup, hosted backup, managed backup etc. All you need to do is choose your preferred data backup option and we’ll start implementing it right away. Our team are highly experienced as they will also recommend to go for any change in hardware if required to provide for a complete solution. For off-site backup solutions, all data is completely encrypted before it leaves your office premises and gets stored in highly-safe and secure data centers. Since our solutions are custom designed for enterprise level solutions, you can always feel confident that your data is always safe and protected all the time.

Advantages of our Backup Services

Our high-end backup solutions provides you with a lot of advantages including:

  • The backup is completely automated and doesn’t require any human intervention to take backups everyday
  • Your data is completely safe and secure and is totally encrypted
  • You can easily restore your data from anywhere you are located
  • Your daily backups are constantly monitored and any issues are resolved immediately
  • No need for expensive hardware or spend a fortune for your backup requirements