MonseybackBlogpostSatisfaction Guarantee
Satisfying our clients’ needs is our primary interest. We don’t even have one person that ha doubted our services. However, in case of any misfortune, you can get a full refund! This way, you are still the winner of it all. Also, with no hidden fees or contract terms, you are free to go whenever you like. We do not want our clients to love us by forcing them – everything comes natural!

24×7 Technical Support Guarantee
Whenever you have a question, our technical support team is here for you 24/7. Offering day in and day out technical support, we are sure your questions will never go unanswered, no matter the date or time!

Server Monitoring Response Guarantee
Keeping the server up and running at all times is a must. That is why we carefully monitor the integrity of your server in short intervals. This way, whenever there is a malfunction, we are there to notice it and put it back in place.

Server Management Response Time Guarantee
Whenever you have either a small issue or a big problem on your server, we work hard to resolve it right away. The time between receiving a ticket and resolving the issue is extremely short. Within a couple of hours, your server will be back to normal like it was never damaged in the first place.

Non-Disclosure Agreement
Confidentiality is yet another strong point we have here at the company. All the data and documents are safely protected and kept confidential in the perimeters of our company.

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