How To Change the FTP user path in cPanel

cPanel does not allow you to change the FTP path for main account or sub accounts, but you can change it from the FTP user configuration file.

By default, the cPanel user has a file in /etc/proftpd (even if you use pure-ftp the location is same) /etc/proftpd contains a file for each of the accounts on the server as below

# cat /etc/proftpd/user

user:$1$vAYD1RiQ$U7pJmHJvT5dFL.kzoJ8f6/:519:518::/home/user:/bin/ftpsh user_logs:$1$vAYD1RiQ$U7pJmHJvT5dFL.kzoJ8f6/:519:518:user:/home/.domlogs/user:/bin/ftpsh

You can edit the file for the domain and change the home directory as user:$1$vAYD1RiQ$U7pJmHJvT5dFL.kzoJ8f6/:519:518::/home/user/myfiles:/bin/ftpsh

Once you made changes, save the file and then restart your pure-ftpd service


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