How to Create Custom Jailed Shell (Jailshell) Mounts

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When you create a custom jailed shell mount, you can allow users of jailed shells to access additional directories on the server.
You can create custom mounts with the /var/cpanel/jailshell-additional-mounts file.

First, you will need to create the /var/cpanel/jailshell-additional-mounts file with your preferred editor.

For example, you might use the following command:

vi /var/cpanel/jailshell-additional-mounts
After you create this file, perform the following steps:

List each directory, with only one per line, that you wish to allow jailed shell users to access.
You will need to specify directories with a fully qualified (or absolute) path. Do not use a relative path. Also, do not add a trailing slash to the end of the absolute path.
For example, use /usr/local/foo instead of foo or /usr/local/foo/.
For example, to unmount /usr/local/foo, run the following command:
umount /home/virtfs/username/usr/local/foo


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