How to install cloudflare cpanel plugin

Cloudflare cpanel plugin installation guide

cd /usr/local/cpanel
curl -k -L > cloudflare.tar.gz
tar -zxvf cloudflare.tar.gz
This extracts a directory that includes a UNIQUE ID. For example, the directory will be in this format:
The UNIQUE ID is only: d03f3b8
The UNIQUE ID is not cloudflare-CloudFlare-CPanel-d03f3b8

cd cloudflare-CloudFlare-CPanel-UNIQUE ID/cloudflare/
./install_cf API HOST KEY mod_cf “YOUR COMPANY NAME”
To check if it is installed:
cat /etc/cloudflare.json
You should see an output with the following:

root@server1 [/usr/local/cpanel]# cat etc/cloudflare.json
“host_key”:”32yt5a7b436tuy8974tre -”, (For security purposes, this will not be your host key.)
“host_formal_name”:”Awesome Hosting”,


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