Solved – Error: 530 Login authentication failed

You can receive this error even if you are using correct FTP login details.

Cause : The ftp passwords and cpanel passwords are stored in separate locations and sometimes the ftp passwords wont get updated when you update cpanel passwords.

Resolution: You can resolve this issue by following steps in WHM as

1. Switch FTP from Pure-ftpd to Proftpd in WHM => WHM > FTP Configuration and switch it back to Pure-ftpd.

2. Synchronize FTP passwords in WHM => Main >> cPanel >> Synchronize FTP Passwords option in WHM.

3. Restart FTP server using Main >> Restart Services >> FTP Server (ProFTPd/PureFTPd) option.

Please make sure that the local machine IP address isn’t blocked in server firewall.

(From shell access)
Or fire following commands on shell prompt as /scripts/ftpupdate /etc/init.d/pure-ftp restart


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