Install Plesk control Panel on Linux Server Services

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For enterprise-level web hosting, Plesk is a great solution. It is great for managing websites and servers. It is versatile as it works on Linux and Windows operating systems. The Plesk application comes with a web server suite, mail server, FTP server, DNS management tools, and more than 100 extensions. These add-ons can be used to improve the performance of your organization’s server. For full access and support, a license must be purchased. Plesk offers a trial license for a test drive as well.

Installing Plesk Control Panel

  • Make sure that the server meets the Plesk Software requirements.
  • The installation will be between 30 minutes and 1 hour.
  • Plesk control panel can be also be installed via a web browser, but requires port access. Root access is required during installation.
  • Post-install configuration requires administrator access creation.
  • License information needs to be entered before it can be launched. So, the installation and configuration process is not very simple and required some technical expertise.


If you are considering installing and configuring the Plesk control panel, our service team or agents will provide you with full assistance at the lowest possible service cost. The services will include Plesk installation, upgrade to the latest security patches, pre-installation consultation, and post-installation support. Our agents have all the necessary expertise for quick and error-free Plesk installation and configuration. We offer 24×7 support for such services and you can avail the services remotely or at your premises if required.

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