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Roundcube is an open source webmail solution. It runs on a standard LAMP server. It supports calendar plugins, which can use a local database as well as a Kolab groupware server as backend for calendar and event storage. The calendar module requires PHP’s DateTime as well as DateInterval classes.

  • Roundcube requires the installation of third-party libraries using composer.
  • Roundcube needs to save some temporary files and logs. Therefore, directories for these files should be created for the web server.
  • For the backend database, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite are used most often. Post database configuration, grant privileges to database users.
  • It is recommended not to use an existing user or root user. Roundcube requires PHP settings to function as well. In order to run the calendar plugin, the following plugins also need to be installed libcalendaring and libkolab.
  • Direct installation can be done using the installer from Roundcube. But manual installation requires downloading files from git.
  • The dependencies can be installed with a composer from the Roundcube root directory. The next step is to create a calendar plugin configuration followed by initializing the calendar database tables. The final step is to add ‘calendar’ to the list of active plugins.

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