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WHMCS is a popular client management system for Reseller Hosting. WHM plugin gives users billing and support abilities so they have all the tools to run their hosting business. Users can set up billing, hosting packages, payment gateways, server provisioning APIs, domain registration and fraud protection services in WHMCS. WHMCS comes with many customizable options. This tool hosting helps providers save countless hours by automating repetitive tasks, in turn allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business. It comes with an easy-to-access management interface that provides and manages: customer signup, service/server provisioning, management, and support. WHMCS is a complete solution for resellers, agencies, and developers looking to streamline or expand their internet dependent businesses.

Tips Install WHMCS Services


  • For installing WHMCS, first, an installer needs to be downloaded from the WHMCS website.
  • WHMCS is encrypted using Ioncube which protects the source code. Most servers or web hosts come with Ioncube support compiled into the PHP build.
  • A database is needed next, which will store all settings and data. All database privileges must be provided to various users appropriately.
  • Post installation, payment gateways, products and services, domain pricing, support, email piping can be set up. AS we can see that these steps are quite cumbersome and time-consuming, it is always recommended to use the help of professionals in this domain.

Staying up-to-date for WHMCS services requires professional assistance and services. Our experts upgrade your WHMCS installation to the latest version with minimal downtime. Our agents will provide you with full support at the optimum service cost. The services will include Installation, the configuration of WHMCS services, add-on installation, payment gateway setup, pre-installation consultation, and post-installation support. Our agents have all the necessary expertise for quick and error-free services. We offer 24×7 support for such services and you can avail the services remotely or at your premises if required.