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An SSL Certificate is a file with encrypted data that needs to be installed on a server so that secure or encrypted communications can take place between the hosted site and the users. If you install an SSL certificate on a server or SSL-enabled application, an intermediate certificate is also required. This intermediate certificate creates the trust of the SSL certificate by tying it to the Certificate Authority’s root certificate. These SSL certificates have become important security tools in the world of online transactions. Installing an SSL Certificate on an online portal is a basic measure a company’s security policy.

The installation of SSL Certificates on a Linux server can be done using a Plesk control panel and without it. Plesk is a web hosting platform that can be configured as per requirement. These configurations helps web hosting providers to manage a lot of virtual hosts. Plesk is preferred by many web hosting companies. There are multiple steps before the actual certification process is done such as identifying target instances, procurement, etc. The technicality of installing an SSL certificate in Linux servers may baffle non-technical personnel and cause many issues and errors. So, it is advisable to get professionals in this domain to help in security features of your online resources.

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