NVMe SSD: How To Buy & Install in 2022 [Detailed Guide]

If you’re looking for the next-generation performance for your apps, website, or storage, NVMe dedicated server is your go-to choice. From improving your website’s speed dramatically to letting you enjoy lightning-fast response times when handling big data workloads, NVMes can do them all. They can even enhance the speed of your database by optimizing its access via implementing a cache system on the NVMe hosting it.

How To Install NVMe SSD?

Before walking you through the steps, let’s take a quick look at why you’ll need it. When trying to upgrade their personal computer’s performance or extend the life of an older system, most people focus on the memory, processor, or video card and decide to replace them.

However, you should replace your hard drive at first as it’s the most crucial element.

Yes, you read it right! Your hard drive is indeed crucial as the faster it is, the quicker it can read and write data, thus speeding up all facets of your computer experience. And you can enhance the performance benefits by combining your new hard drive with other high-end parts, such as GPU graphics cards and CPUs.

Now that you know the reason why your hard drive may need to be replaced, here’s how you can do it by choosing to install an NVMe SSD.

NVMe SSD System Requirements

Let’s assume you want to install the Samsung 960 Pro NVMe M.2 as your hard drive. Your first step is to check if your motherboard has an M.2 PCIe slot. If it doesn’t (which can happen if you have an older system), there’s no need to panic. You’ll just need to purchase an M.2 PCIe Adapter, which you can easily find on online marketplaces for under $20. 

NVMe SSD Installing Precautions

Before you start working on your computer, ensure to put on an anti-static wristband as static can damage your drive. You need to ground yourself first and should never start touching your computer’s component without ensuring it. 

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NVMe SSD Installing Steps

  1. Find the M.2 PCIe slot
  2. Install the motherboard standoff screw
  3. Gently slide the drive into the M.2 slot by starting at a 30-degree angle to connect the pins.
  4. Use medium pressure to push down the back
  5. Screw down the NVMe SSD to the motherboard standoff mount

Now that you’re ready to start work, you need to open your system and find the M.2 PCIe slot. Some computer models may have the M.2 interface hidden under a plate whose function is to keep the drive cool.

Once you find the M.2 PCIe slot, you’ll notice that it’s pretty small and compact. Your next step is to install the motherboard standoff screw, depending on your M.2 SSD drive’s length. Once the standoff screw is set, you’ll have to gently slide the drive into the M.2 slot by starting at a 30-degree angle to connect the pins. 

You should use medium pressure to push down the back so that it’s flush with the screw mount. Then, you should screw down the NVMe SSD to the motherboard standoff mount and tighten it until it’s snug. No need to overdo it or torque it down. And with that, you have installed your NVMe drive successfully to upgrade your PC’s overall performance and reliability. 

How To Buy Best Cheap NVMe SSD Dedicated Server in USA 2022?

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Why eLite NVMe Dedicated Servers?

Our low price NVMe dedicated servers use NVMe SSDs with NAND flash memory. Unlike the DRAM, NAND (a non-volatile storage technology) doesn’t require power to stock up data. This makes it the perfect storage choice for portable devices. By using NVMe SSDs with NAND, you’ll get faster and 2X more performance than SATA and SAS-based options.

eLite NVMe SSD dedicated servers can handle several I/O operations simultaneously. They can successfully work with diverse operating systems (OS) and deal with massive workloads. By using our NVMe dedicated servers, you can also give the outputs of your AI-based systems and applications a significant boost.  

Final Thoughts

NVMe drives have also revolutionized fast storage by delivering the read-write speed of 2000MB per second. Compared to SATA SSDs’ speed of 600MB per second, this is significantly higher. But that’s not all. NVMe drives can offer scalable and parallel interface, and support 64K queues and 64K commands per queue. Thanks to such features, NVMe drives can deliver a guaranteed 6X faster speed.

NVMe SSDs are the future of hard drives, and to experience what they can do for your business, you should definitely give our low price NVMe dedicated servers a try for once. And we promise you won’t be able to go back to your older and slower ways anymore!